Time to put on your party hats and throw your confetti, because Madz Design is officially 1!!

I have to say that this is a milestone I never saw coming. When I first started Madz Design a year ago, I had no long term goals in mind. I just wanted to test the waters, and see what designing as a freelancer was like (with the safety net of free rent at dear old Mom’s house).

Now a year has passed and everything has changed.

1. I moved out my Mom’s house

2. Moved into my first big girl apartment in Chicago. Then left said apartment 6 months later for Los Angeles.

3. Launched Shop Madz, the online store for Madz Design with all new product lines

4. Worked with some amazing clients that reminded me why I’m doing what I doing

5. Turned this passion project into a full time sustainable business. Score.


But as I’ve grown this business, I’ve learned a ton and made lots of changes. One of the big changes I’m making to celebrate this brand’s birthday is the launch of this new website 🙂 I’ve finally made the big leap over to a WordPress platform so that I can put a larger focus on blogging.


Here are just a few of the topics you can expect to see in this blog…

1. DIY – Fun tips for anything from home decor to party planning. Just all around cute, creative, and useful info.

2. Small Business Tips – I want to impart some of the lessons I’ve learned growing my brand and hopefully help anyone who is following the same path. Even when you work for yourself, you never have to do it all alone with the vast amount of information available today.

3. Lifestyle – Anything that might be interesting or important for a young twenty something gal just trying to make it in this world.

4. Los Angeles – Since I’m new here, I’ve got a lot of exploring to do and I hope to share a little bit of my journey.

5. Madz Design – I’ll post any new exciting launches or information for my brand.


Looking forward to getting this party started.