The best LA coffee shops for getting work done

freelance life, Los Angeles

Groundwork Coffee Co

671 Rose Ave, Venice

I should start by mentioning that I live on the Westside, so this list is going to be a little biased. One of my all time favorites is Groundworks. The location is great. It's right on Rose Ave, in between Whole Foods & Bluestone Cafe, so there is no shortage of options for lunch when you get hungry. They serve some delicious food and pastries as well, but it's mostly geared towards breakfast. The seating is a little limited, but it's never too crowded & honestly hasn't been an issue for me. I'm not exactly an early riser, so I never get there before 10:30 or 11am anyway. One downfall is outlets, there are only a couple of spots in the joint that have easy access to the outlets. But like I said, somehow I always seem to manage. Usually, within the 2 hours my computer will last plug free, someone who is outlet adjacent gets up and I swipe their spot. Problem solved.

Oh yeah... the coffee. It's good here. I'm a big fan of the nitro cold brew. Bigger fan of the loyalty program they have. And even bigger fan of the guy behind the register who always remembers me and my order. Gotta love a local vibe. They also play some pretty great music if you ever forget your headphones.

Tom's Store

Abbot Kinney & California, Venice

Yes, it's technically a shoe store. Yes, it's on Abbot Kinney and which means it's a scene. But if you are into that sort of thing, which I totally am, you will love it. There are places to sit both indoor and outdoor, so you really can't go wrong. There are ample outlets and pretty comfortable seating. You can also do some shopping after a few hours of work to blow the money you've just made. It's fun. Highly recommend. Don't expect a large selection of coffees. However, they do have some seasonal options that are pretty awesome. Specifically, this one lavender honey coffee that rocked my world. I say that past tense because I'm no longer drinking coffee with sugars in it, but I fully support you if you want to.

Okay, I'm fully aware this is technically a bank. But it's not going to stop me from putting it on this list. Hear me out. This "Cafe" is in the heart of downtown Santa Monica. It's huge, with tons of windows, bright light, and glass sliding doors for a patio when it's nice. Which is pretty much always. Also, there is a Peet's Coffee inside with the full selection. Most importantly, there are tons of outlets. TONS. OF. OUTLETS. There's a large variety of seating, almost all with good outdoor views. They even have conference rooms you can book and phone booths to chat in. And it's free. The parking isn't free, though. That will get you. But, if you have a capital one card you get 50% off all food & drinks. Don't knock it till you try it. If you are trying to focus and crank out a project, this is a pretty great place to do it. And when you are done making all that money, there are plenty of people to talk to about opening a savings account and planning for retirement. Multi-tasking. Look it up.